The 2nd Christmas Tournament is here!

Our school has, for a year, had an Electronic Sports team that competes in the National League. The traditional values ​​of sport (effort, sportsmanship, teamwork, organization, stress management, self-criticism, mental and physical agility) are more present than ever in the 21st century with esports.

So that all students can enjoy it, on December 17th and 18th we celebrated the2nd League of Legends Christmas Tournament by FX Animationwhere all the students from our school competed with each other to become champions of the year.

So that everyone -whether they were friends, family or FX students- could enjoy the full Event, it was broadcast through our Channel of Twitch, and it was broadcast in its entirety so that both those familiar with Esports and those who are discovering it could understand everything that was happening on screen.

FX Animation: Final of the 2nd Christmas Tournament

“Great face-to-face final of the 2020 Christmas Tournament”
December 18, 2020