Professional Master’s in Editing and Montage


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1 School Year 



Professional Master’s in Editing and Montage

This Master’s Degree is aimed at students and professionals in film, audiovisual, photography, 3D and people with basic knowledge of film and editing, who want to train as professionals for the film, advertising, TV and audiovisual industry in general.

  • Age 20 +.
  • Basic knowledge of film and editing and a desire to obtain the basic practical and theoretical knowledge to work in the area of editing and editing for film, advertising, TV and audiovisuals in general.

1st module: editing and montage with Premiere

  • Theory and history of cinema
  • Editing types
  • Mastery of editing working methods
  • Video clip
  • Creativity
  • Trailer / teaser
  • Short film
  • Multi-camera
  • Film montage techniques
  • Advertising spot

2nd module: color with Da Vinci

  • Theory and knowledge of program environment
  • Expressive color treatment
  • Assembly of audiovisual piece
  • Image settings
  • Still and nodes
  • Introduction to Specialized Visual Effects
  • Techniques for Video
  • 3rd module: 2D Motion Graphics and composition with After Effects
  • How to use After Effects as a first approach to a dynamic and precise of working
  • Visual content design for digital platforms
  • Implementation of shot material and particle generation
  • 3D space
  • How to create Motion Graphics and its methodologies

4th module: Editing with Avid

  • Knowledge of the keyboard
  • Importing material
  • Codex (different cameras)
  • Fps (frame rates)
  • Different cutting tools
  • Editing, selection, and adjustment
  • Export (multiple options)
  • Editing vs. Montage.
  • Editing narrative.
  • Editing script.
  • Refresher on advanced tools:

5th module: sound with ProTools

  • Introduction to Pro Tools software
  • Pro Tools hardware: the MBox
  • Project settings
  • Interface: the edit window and the mix window
  • Import Audio / Video / AFF / OMF
  • SLIP / GRID / SHUFFLE / SPOT working modes
  • Editing Sound in Pro Tools: Tools in the Edit Window
  • Audio Track Creation: Mono / Stereo
  • Auxiliary and Master Fader Track Creation
  • Organizing project tracks to get started
  • Sending Buses
  • Introduction to the Mix Window
  • Mix Types: Stereo 2.0 / Dolby 5.1
  • Inserting effects
  • Sending
  • Panning in Stereo
  • Adjust volumes in Dialogs / Ambiences / Effects
  • Export: Bounce to Disc / Quicktime movie

At the end of your training, you will have a reel of professional quality personal work so that you can access the world of work.

  • Certified FX Degree
  • Editor
  • Editor of audiovisual projects for film, advertising and TV
  • Colorist
  • 2D Motion Graphics Designer

In this Master’s Degree, you will specialize as a post-production professional, mastering the editing and montage process (Premiere, Pro Tools and Avid), color correction (Da Vinci) and 2D Motion Graphics (After Effects) so that you can control the necessary tools and techniques as well as the professional work criteria to deliver complete, finished projects.

This 100% practical training will allow you to acquire the necessary production experience, so that you can enter the labor market having tackled projects with professional quality turnaround times and results.




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