Specialized Studies in Design and 3D Art for Videogames




+18 years


In-person – *Combined by online streaming

*Student and teacher live by video.
*Valid from March to July


4 school years + Final Project




All those young people who are over 18 years old and are interested in training in the world of video games. It is not required to present the certificate of previous studies.

  • Age 18 +
  • Basic computer skills
  • Motivation letter of between 100 and 150 words or motivation video (can be recorded on a cell phone) of between 45″ and 1″ explaining why you want to do this course and study at FX ANIMATION. 
  • Send your application to your academic advisor or to: [email protected]

1st Year: Mobile Devices

During this first year, students will be introduced to 3D in a practical and effective way, working both indoor and outdoor environments in low poly, the creation of characters and props, and the first VFX for mobile quality video games.

As a result of this first year students will be able to make all kinds of graphics for mobile platforms, publishing their first game as a group in the PlayStore and AppStore.

2nd Year: Consoles and PC

In the second year, students begin their graphics work for larger platforms (PC) by learning to work in high poly modeling for both advanced indoor and outdoor environments, creating complex characters, and using new tools such as Zbrush, Substance Painter and Designer.

As a result of this school year, they will publish a PC game as a group on the usual download platforms.

3rd Year: PC, AAA and Virtual Reality

In this final year, students will work on the creation of advanced characters (creatures), advanced environments and cinematics for VR, photogrammetry and visual effects for videogames.

At the end of the training, each student will carry out their own personal project that, together with their demo reel, will be their calling card within the industry.

  • Environment artist
  • Character artist
  • 3D modeler
  • Graphic designer for videogames
  • Virtual reality specialist
  • Virtual reality technician

This course is the most specialized training with the best level of results in 3D art for videogames nationwide. In it, you will learn in depth how to work with methodologies and professional pipelines, to master 3D creation tools (3DSMax, Substance Painter and Designer and ZBrush) and their integration into standard videogame engines (Unreal Engine and Unity3D).

From day one, you will develop individual and group projects achieving results of a quality similar to that of the latest titles published by the national and international industry, with the aim of achieving a professional demo reel that will open doors to the job market. You will be trained as a graphic artist specialized in the design and creation of 3D video games, which will allow you to create full videogame visuals (indoor and outdoor environments, characters and props) for mobile phones and for AAA and Virtual Reality, while generating a professional demo reel to kickstart your career both nationally and internationally.




Company training

Because training is based on excellence and on providing students with not only the technical knowledge necessary for their profession, in the last year a company training is carried out to put into operation the knowledge learned within a real production flow.

This training is mandatory and students will be selected by the companies that the school has within its professional portfolio.

Our students have taken training in companies such as El Ranchito, Deluxe, Entropy Studio, Digital Legends, The game forge, Scarecrow studio, B · Water Studios and Music has no limits among others.

FX Family Program

The reception and accompaniment program for newly incorporated national and international students.

When starting training at FX, students face a double academic and social challenge: they leave their city or school and even their groups of friends to start a new life and study experience at FX ANIMATION.

The FX Family Program aims to actively integrate the student at school and in Barcelona, helping them to feel accompanied and participate in academic life from day one. As an inclusive school, the program is aimed at all students without distinguishing between any of them and respecting the individual needs of each one, at all times.

At FX, we are one big family and we strive for students, teachers and non-teaching staff to feel at home at FX. This meeting point with students strengthens coexistence, communication and knowledge exchange between the different training areas of the school. Integration and the feeling of belonging influence motivation and strong academic performance. Our program is totally free and available to all students from all backgrounds.

FX Experience Program

FX EXPERIENCE is one of the programs that enriches and multiplies the added value of FX ANIMATION training: learning through experience, leaving the classroom, a controlled and protected environment and facing the real world. Through this program the student is given the opportunity to develop communication skills and personal and interpersonal skills.

The objective is to integrate and relate the student to the working environment of the entertainment and audiovisual sector. Through their participation in transversal projects, training in companies and volunteering, the professional skills most valued by producers and companies are promoted. With this program, we ensure that our students, in addition to being excellent technicians, are also excellent professionals.

  • Training in companies in the sector during training
  • Visit to London and networking in international production companies
  • Attendance at the main festivals in the sector: Mundos Digitales, BCN Film est, Animac…
  • Quarterly outings: visits to companies in the industry, exhibitions, workshops…
  • Volunteering at industry events
  • Masterclasses, workshops and workshops with outstanding fugaras
  • Recruitment: every year we organize a Job Fair in FX with national and
  • nternational companies that recruit students for subsequent recruitment.
  • Students also learn how to pass a job interview.
  • Participation in transversal film/videogame/3D projects through SeñoraX, our associate producer.
  • Pitching practices How to sell a film project
  • Personal marketing seminars
  • Company seminars
  • Seminar begins

E-Sports Program

E-Sports is a discipline that consists of the practice of playing videogames at a competitive level, through leagues and tournaments. E-Sports are enjoying their finest hour in terms of recognition, investment and relevance.

FX ANIMATION is a pioneer school in incorporating E-Sports into academic life; one of the main objectives of the program is that students can play, enjoy and compete in videogames in a safe and controlled environment under the guidance of specialized trainers.

In the United States, educators and researchers affirm that this type of tournament is directly related to commitment and academic success and consequently, it reports very positive effects on learning and personal growth.

E-Sports are considered to be a highly effective tool to contribute to the development of the professional and individual competences and to promote cooperative work in the most innovative and cutting-edge classrooms and training centers such as FX ANIMATION.

Development of cognitive and interpersonal skills through E-Sports:

  • Critical and strategic thinking
  • Involvement and responsibility
  • Solving complex problems
  • Managing emotions
  • Performing under pressure
  • Communication and cooperation
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity and initiative

Instrumental skills directly related to the technique of the game include:

  • Reaction speed
  • Precision
  • Peripheral vision
  • Injury prevention
  • Attention and coordination

AlumniX Program


FX ANIMATION is the only film, 3D, videogame and animation school with a totally free graduate student program. The Alumni-X program was born in recognition of the effort and work invested by our graduates. Proud of our young, bright and well-prepared students, we continue to accompany them once they have completed their studies.

Our job board, network of contacts, events and constant promotion on social networks, facilitate their incorporation into the work world immediately. Linked to the school through the Alumni-X program, graduates will continue to evolve professionally.


Daniel Cortijos

Alumno de Arte 3D para Videojuegos

Hao Jin

Estudiante de Arte 3D para Videojuegos

Elisenda Ferrer

Estudiante de Arte 3D Para Videojuegos

Alejandro Díaz

Alumno de Arte 3D para Videojuegos