Superior Master in Scenography and Art Direction for CINEMA

STARTING DATE – 15th January 2024

Language SPANISH


+20 years




2 school years




Learning the language of the image and understanding the work of the Artistic Director as part of a whole that has an expressive purpose is essential to understand the need for this specialized professional profile within the audiovisual sector.

This course is aimed at in-depth knowledge of Artistic Direction and delving into the assimilation of the entire creation process for the design and execution of cinematographic art. The student will acquire the knowledge and technical and artistic skills to work in the development of the design and execution of a cinematographic/audiovisual space, as well as its team and the relationship established with the entire department. Students will work throughout the creation process so that it reaches a professional level. The purpose is to offer you a coherent roadmap that allows you, in addition to acquiring knowledge, to prepare you to face real projects.

This Course is aimed at students with or without previous experience in this professional field from Fine Arts, window dressing, decorators, film students, etc.

  • Age 20 +
  • Related prior knowledge or interest in the sector


  • History: beginnings, evolution
  • Artistic direction in Spain
  • Artistic direction in Europe and the USA
  • Typologies
  • Introduction to cinematographic language
  • Definition of artistic direction
  • Reading the film script
  • Determining the style of the film
  • Character analysis
  • Filmic space
  • Common language of elements
  • Transformation and organization of intangibles
  • Props and composition
  • Breakdown of the literary script
  • Technical script
  • Organization with the team
  • Documentation
  • Budget and management
  • Drawing
  • Design
  • Locations
  • Construction
  • Setting
  • Styles
  • illumination
  • Filming
  • Dressing

Throughout the training, various exercises will be carried out with which the theory discussed will be put into practice, monitoring the student. We will dedicate a part to the development of projects of the different disciplines covered during the course, from pre-production to delivery and the production phase. With all this, the student will be able to enter the dimension of the work of the Art Department, complete their academic training by walking through the practical terrain and reach the end of the course with all the necessary knowledge to begin to develop as a professional.

Certified Course

  • Art direction for cinema
  • Art direction for audiovisual media and platforms
  • Advertising
  • Brand development
  • Media
  • Creative agencies
  • Desing and creativity


Flor Dolabjian

Alumna de Carrera de Cine

Mariana Francisco

Alumna de Master de Dirección de Fografía

Trailer: Sensations

Corto de Escuela

Tráiler: Pablo X

Corto de Escuela