Professional Master’s in 2D / 3D Motion Graphics

STARTING DATE – 02/11/2021

Language ENGLISH



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Professional Master’s in 2D / 3D Motion Graphics

This Master’s Degree is aimed at students and professionals of 3D, cinema, audiovisual, graphic design, creatives, compositors, animators and 3D artists who wish to complement and / or enrich their knowledge of 3D Motion Graphics and compositing.

  • Age 20+
  • Competent computer skills and knowledge of Windows environment.
  • Previous training in audiovisuals, advertising, cinema, graphic design, publishing…

1st module: 2D Motion graphics with After Effects

  • How to use After Effects as a first approach to a dynamic and precise working method
  • Visual content design for digital platforms
  • Implementation of VFX footage and and particle generation
  • 3D space
  • How to create Motion Graphics and their methodologies
  • Introduction to composition and integration techniques to generate high-quality videos
  • Introduction to matte painting

2nd module: Color with Da Vinci

  • Theory and knowledge of program environment
  • Expressive color treatment
  • Assembly of audiovisual piece
  • Image settings
  • Still and nodes
  • Introduction to Specialized Visual Effects
  • Techniques for Video

3rd module: Motion Graphics 3D with Cinema 4D


  • How to use Cinema 4D as a first approach to a dynamic and precise way of working
  • Construction of the first still life
  • Lights and materials I
  • Modeling and animation techniques I
  • Modeling techniques II
  • Animation techniques II
  • Creation of 3D Motion Graphics
  • Cameras
  • Lights and materials II
  • Compositing in After Effects
  • Using depth of field and motion blur
  • Creation of basic UVs
  • Personalization of materials and textures
  • Simulations
  • Voronoi Fracture
  • FX Certified Degree
  • 2D / 3D Motion Graphics Designer for cinema, advertising, TV, abstract visualization, etc.

In this Master’s Degree, you will learn integration and compositing techniques in advanced After Effects and the creation of quality 3D visuals, which will provide you with a much more complete training than any other post-production professional, enabling you to carry out projects with a workflow that’s faster and of optimal quality by building functional and harmonious pieces for advertising spots, visuals for cinema and TV, music videos, corporate spots and product design, among others.

Learn Cinema 4D to generate visuals for Film, TV, Advertising, Abstract and Microbiotic Visualization and enhance your creativity by training with the most sought-after tools and techniques to carry out your professional projects with precision and visual impact. If you already master After Effects, extend your job possibilities and specialize as a Motion Graphics Designer.


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