Film and 3D

 FX ANIMATION Barcelona 3D & Film School and HP present the 3rd Edition of the MujereX Scholarships, in the fields of:  

Filmmaking · Cinematography · Concept Art · Character Animation · Videogames · VFX · Postproduction



Since FX ANIMATION was born, 13 years ago, it has been crystal clear that it emerged with the vocation of being an innovative and leading school – not only at the level of knowledge, but also at the level of social transformation.

The objective of this scholarship is to help and promote the development of skills and training of women so that they can join the world of work in cinema and 3D. The incorporation of women in the industry is not a recent event, but it is little known. With this scholarship, we want to help make the contributions of women in this sector more visible.

The world of cinema must contemplate the reality of each era and our reality shows that half of the population is female. The purpose of these scholarships is to promote and advocate for the role of women in the world of cinema and 3D / animation. This means we need more female directors, and more stories told by women or from a female perspective. Making women visible an androcentric field, like cinema and 3D is fundamental, and a question of social justice, because they deserve for their efforts be recognized, and because they will become a stimulus and a reference for other women and of course, within the field of Film and 3D.


From 02/06/2021 to 29/06/2021


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