Since the beginning of the exceptional health situation in which we find ourselves worldwide, the priority of FX ANIMATION is to make the school a safe place for all the people who are linked to it: students, teaching staff, non-teaching staff, managerial and administrative.

Part of the management and security measures that FX ANIMATION has established is to appoint a responsible person (COVID Manager) who ensures compliance with the measures indicated by the health authorities.


  • Mandatory use of masks at all times and in areas of the school, including the development time of the classes.
  • Digital temperature control totem and gel dispensers: in order to guarantee safety, every person who enters the School must go through these controls: students, visitors, suppliers and FX ANIMATION staff.
  • Any person outside the School (visitors, actors, collaborators, etc.) must also complete and sign a declaration of responsibility stating that they have not been in contact with COVID during the previous 14 days.
  • Adequacy of the facilities both in the classrooms and in the areas of attention to people: protective screens, safety distances, reduction of the capacity in common spaces.
  • Great Hall. This new space has been created to have another large room in which to maintain safety distances between students
  • Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers have been located throughout the School and in classrooms and various rooms, wipes and sanitizing gel for surfaces.
  • Stable coexistence groups to avoid occasional interactions with other students.
  • Adapted Schedules to reduce the amount of people in the School.
  • Signaling of entry and exit circuits, also enabling a single entrance door and an exit door to avoid the crossing of people as much as possible
  • Increased frequency of school hygiene.
  • Recirculation and air renewal cycles activated continuously.

How do we act when faced with a positive case in COVID?

Faced with a positive case in COVID, the COVID Manager proceeds to advise, manage, confine and carry out personalized follow-up to the entire coexistence group.
During this period, to guarantee the continuity of the training projects of our students, the classes are held online live within their usual hours and with their teacher.

What have we had to give up?

The vending machines, the water fountains and the common office for students are out of service. The use of the taps in the toilets for water consumption is not allowed and the capacity of the services has been reduced to avoid the coincidence of people in the bathrooms. The use of the elevator is not allowed, except for just cause; in this case only individual use will be allowed.

What do we expect from our students?

We ask the same thing as the FX ANIMATION staff: co-responsibility and self-care inside and outside the school; that social distance, the mask and hand hygiene are not only within FX ANIMATION and above all, maximum scrupulousness respecting the traffic signs, safety distance and capacity that are throughout the premises.

The School provides the necessary PPE (FPP2 mask, sanitizing gel, sanitary napkins, etc.), constantly renewing them.

Before joining FX, all staff members who have been in COVID confinement are ordered to carry out a COVID contrast test.